Pre-Production Services

Pre-production is everything that happens before we actually begin producing your next project. The actual production is often the most expensive stage of any project, but the costs can be reduced greatly if proper pre-production takes place beforehand.

At HMPE, we know that there’s no worse nightmare than coming on set unprepared and we don’t underestimate that. If anything, we demand of ourselves that the project is essentially complete, planned and well organized before any shooting ever begins. No surprise means a production on budget and on time.

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Video Production Services

The crew, actors and staff have been hired, the location is paid for, the storyboards are ready, cameras are rolling and the fun can begin.

This is the part of the process that most of us love the most. A team of people, each proficient in a different area, but all contributing to one, final result come together to create something we can all be proud of and you can rely on.

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Post Production Services